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   None of us would have imagined that we would have been faced with the need to suspend services, but on March 13 this was the decision that we faced. We chose to suspend services in order to slow the spread of the virus and by doing so love our community and neighbors. Reports of transmission of the Novel Coronavirus 2019 demonstrate that we have slowed the spread.

   We have paid close attention to the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Mason County Health Department. We have been in communication with our Health Department throughout this time and have worked to asses when it will be safe for us to resume in person services.

   We all want to be together. This longing is evidence of the love that God has given us for His people, but we also want to be cautious and confident as we move forward. For this reason we have chosen to slowly reopen live services and modify discipleship formats for this time. 

   I want to be very clear that for each of us we have a personal decision to make. We must seek wisdom to make the best decisions for ourselves when it comes to our health. There will be some who feel like we should move faster, and others who feel like we are moving too fast. I think that is a sign we are headed in the right direction. Whatever your feelings are toward the days ahead let’s each remind ourselves to be gracious as people who have received God’s grace and be understanding of those who may be uncomfortable with close contact.

   The first phase of our plan to reopen will begin on May 10. We will have an in-person outdoor service on our front lawn at the Faith Baptist Church property. We encourage you to bring a chair with you, and for those who may decide that they need to remain in their cars they may park on the pavement next to the front lawn. We will continue to host a Facebook Livestream during this outdoor service for those who chose to remain home, but I want to encourage you to come for worship whether that is remaining in your car, or bringing a chair on the front lawn.

   For the foreseeable future all discipleship classes normally held inside our facilities will be suspended due to the close contact that those environments require. We will begin this week contacting each family to join their assigned deacon for a weekly time of in person fellowship, encouragement, prayer, and edification. These groups will be something new and different for us, but they will be a great time of fellowship. I encourage each of you to take part in these meetings. I strongly believe that this will be a time when we see God move in our lives in a fresh way to bring us to greater effect and faithfulness for His Kingdom.

   I am excited for the days ahead, and I can’t wait to see you and worship with you. Know that your pastor, staff and deacons are praying for you daily. We are here if you need anything even if it is just simply someone to talk to.

For the Gospel,

Pastor Josh

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