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Growing Together Through Faith in Christ

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COVID-19 Update
Hi Church Family,
We serve an awesomely powerful God, no matter what we face in life we have peace because we know that God is sovereign and he is in control. I know that there is a lot of fear and anxiety that is going around concerning COVID-19, but God is in control he knows our future.

Your church leadership has been looking at the progress of the COVID-19 virus and listening to infectious disease experts who are working to control this virus, we have been recommended to limit group sizes to smaller than 50 people by our local health officials. For that reason we feel that it is best to modify our worship gathering this weekend and into the foreseeable future.  We want you to know that our decision to do this was not made lightly, but we want to care for you and show love to our community in doing everything we can to slow the progress of COVID-19.

As of right now there are no confirmed cases in our area, but out of an abundance of caution and to strive to prevent an outbreak that would possibly flood the emergency rooms, we are limiting our interaction with larger groups. God has given us a love for his word, for his people and for his world and we feel that at this time the best way for us to fulfill this love is by modifying our worship gathering.

As I heard about this virus I was reminded of David as he fled from Saul, he was comforted by God and guided by his love for and trust in God. I hope that as we strive to slow the progress of this virus we are comforted by God, and guided by our love and trust in God. 

We often remind ourselves that this is a special place, and we often call it the church, but we know that this is not the church. We are the church, our going online does not mean that we have closed the church, there is nothing that can close God’s church. We are the church wherever we are, this is an opportunity to be the church outside of these walls. Take every opportunity to love on and encourage each other and our community. Your deacons will be reaching out to you throughout the day today, and in the days ahead to encourage you, pray with you, and invite you to gather in smaller groups. We want to encourage everyone to follow the precautions of the CDC and our local health officials, if you are in a particularly affected group we strongly encourage you to limit any and all contact with people as much as possible. Follow the advise of the CDC and WHO in washing hands, keeping distance, and covering coughs.

To our community, we want you to know that even if you are not a part of our fellowship here at Faith, we love you and are here for you. If you have a need during this time we would love to be able to pray and to help however we can. There is a contact form on our website, or you can reach out to us on Facebook or in the church office throughout the week.

Church, this weekend we will gather in a way that we never have before, but it will be for the glory of God, and the good of all people. We will worship as we always have, we will pray fervently, sing heartily, give generously, and preach passionately. As you know we depend upon the faithfulness and generosity of you for what God has called us to do, you will see on our website that we have set up online giving, so that if you wish you can worship through giving online, if you would like to bring your tithes in we will have regular office hours. Where we will be available for counsel, prayer, encouragement and guidance.

Faith, we love you, and we are excited for what God will do in the days ahead, as we pray, praise, give, preach, and go for the glory of God in his world, and our community.

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